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Important Notices

  1. Questions about how to use DegreeWorks please visit: Self Service Carolina Help
  2. Questions or concerns about the content of your DegreeWorks audit, please contact your academic advisor.
    If you do not have an assigned advisor, please contact the academic office that is responsible for your major or program of study, or visit: Advising FAQs.
  3. If you are unable to login, you may contact the UTS Service Desk between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday - Friday (except holidays), at 803-777-1800 or at UTS Service Desk. Please Note: UTS cannot answer questions about the content of your audit; only your advisor is authorized to address such items.
  4. While DegreeWorks is a helpful reference for students and advisors, it is not an authoritative source.
    Contact your advisor with any questions or concerns, such as those listed below.
    1. Admitted to graduate school? - Upper level undergraduate students who have been admitted to any USC campus for graduate school, law school, or medical school will not be presented with an audit of your undergraduate degree, at this time. Consult your academic advisor instead.
    2. Transfer credits? - Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses (AP, IB), coursework transferred from another college/university, study abroad coursework, or courses taken on another USC Campus are uploaded to individual student’s academic record after transcripts are checked-in and processed by the admissions office. Unevaluated coursework will be evaluated by subject matter experts and may take longer to process. Transfer Credits FAQ
    3. Exceptions or substitutions? - Any exceptions or course substitutions previously authorized by your advisor or department chair may not be accurately recorded in DegreeWorks. Please keep an eye out for these and contact your advisor to resolve these again.
    4. Multi-campus student? - If you are taking courses or pursuing a degree on more than one USC campus at the same time, your degree audit may not be entirely accurate or complete for either campus. Consult your advisors on all of your campuses.
    5. Beginning Summer 2017. - USC will no longer maintain a transfer GPA, on the academic record, for both new students and continuing students who add transfer work to their academic record from transient or study abroad institutions. As a result, a transfer GPA will not be recorded on the DegreeWorks degree audit report.

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